initial review

That's right ladies, organic tampons! I had no idea organic tampons were even made.  I did some research after googling about horrible menstrual cramps, and one of the findings were to switch to organically made tampons.  Apparently the harsh chemicals on regular named brand (Kotex, Always) can affect your body; and also how bad your cramps can be.  Just imagine inserting a tampon with harsh chemicals that's just sits there....! Gross, I know. 

So I began my search locally by visiting WalMart, Walgreens, and CVS for organic tampons.  The only ones I found are ones that did have an applicator.....I need an applicator!!  Finally, I found some at Target on my way back from Atlanta.  The ones I picked up are from the Honest Company; I also picked up their lotion!  I used these last month and noticed a slight difference.  My flow wasn't as heavy and the cramps were manageable.  More importantly, the tampons came with an applicator! These will run about $7 and 16 to a box.  I will follow up within a few months