Prepare for the work week

#Sunday Blues

#1 - Be happy

Change your attitude.

Instead of lying in bed on Sunday night, filling your head with awful thoughts about the upcoming week, change your attitude.  It's hard, I know.  It's hard to conjure up those happy feelings.  But once you change your attitude, you will accomplish a lot more.  If something is bugging you about the week ahead (presentation, a meeting, deadlines), write in down- in a journal or in your ipad notes.  I feel slightly relieved when I do this.  BE HAPPY.



It helps to have all your work clothes washed & ready for the work week.  This will make your morning a little easier.  I used to lay in bed and mentally think about what I was going to wear 10 minutes before I get out of bed....don't do that!  Instead, wash all your work clothes, dry them, and plan out your outfits.  Put your outfits together by folding them or hang hanging them up in your closet.  Then all you have to do is grab your outfit, instead of running around looking for something to wear. DO LAUNDRY.

#3 - GET UP

get up 20 minutes earlier.

This is a hard one!  I use to have multiple alarms set in case I snooze off after my first one.  Try waking up earlier than your regular time. 15-20 minutes earlier. Use this extra time to plan your commute (if it's far), and eat a relaxing breakfast.  You can also use for daily devotion or journal time.  Also, make your bed- It will give you a small sense of pride. You've accomplished something, and it will encourage you to take on more tasks! #SmallVictories.  GET UP.