Blogger Series: How I Edit & Take Photos

Image of me, taken by me. #Tripod Life.

Tips On How to Take/Edit Quality Images

In recent posts, we have talked about how to start a blog, how to promote your blog, and now we get to talk about the fun stuff. Pictures!! I have always wanted to be a model...but as I started my journey, I quickly learned that I was not tall enough, and not 'exotic looking.' But I didn't let that stop me from posing and taking pictures in front of a camera.  I found that I actually enjoy being the photographer and not the model.  I don't have many friends here, so I have to resort to taking my own images using a tripod and my iPhone 7.  I must say, Apple has outdone themselves with this camera! Now, lets discuss some tips on taking quality images on your smartphone.

Plan accordingly. Plan out your shoots, and be sure to check the weather.  The best time for me to take pictures are early in the morning (7am-9am) or late in the afternoon (4pm-6pm).  The reason for this is that you get the best natural lighting at this time.  Taking pictures when it is extremely sunny out will give you dark pictures with too many shadows.  If it is sunny out, look for areas that have shade.

Get help. If you don't have a friend (or a photographer) to help you take pictures, buy the equipment you need for a solo shoot.  I use a tripod with a smartphone mount, and a Bluetooth remote.  My tripod was purchased from Walmart, and it is about 50 inches tall.  Another thing you'll want to do, is find your angles!  If you're not sure of them, use the front facing camera when taking pictures on your tripod. 

Surroundings.  Find a surrounding that is pleasing to the eye.  Depending on your aesthetics of your social media profile, you opt for a plan background.  Recently, I have been taking pictures in front of a white background so that I can add color the background (I'm going for a certain aesthetic).  If you have a white or plain background, you can edit them accordingly:


Don't over-edit yourself.  I get it, we all want to look perfect!  But don't try to cover every flaw.  I use to smooth my skin in all of my photos. Until I smoothed my face sooo much, that my lips didn't have a curve.  But now, what you see are usually raw images with light editing.  You can see my real skin tone, pores, hair imperfections, etc.    I'm only adjusting the lighting, contrast, color, and shadows.  I occasionally do edit the bags under my eyes though.  

So remember- plan your photoshoots accordingly, get help or use a tripod, keep in mind your background, and don't over-edit.  


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