Blogger Series: How To Start A Blog

 Read the details of this outfit on this  blog post here .

Read the details of this outfit on this blog post here.

So you want to start blogging, eh? Well let's talk about it!  In the first part of the #BloggerSeries, we'll touch on how to actually start a blog.  Let's jump right in!

  • First, figure out your motives.  Do you enjoy blogging? Do you just want free stuff?  Do you want to make money blogging?  Do you want to share and inspire?  Seriously take time and reflect on these questions.  If you're in it for only the free products, then you probably won't enjoy it.  Don't get me wrong, getting free stuff is nice, BUT you'll need to take the time to write out a blog post, take pictures of the product/yourself, and make sure your quality is very good (quality of your images and blog layout).  Another question to ask yourself is 'Would you do it for free?', because if you don't enjoy doing it, it'll become more of a 'task' instead of a fun hobby.  I was fortunate enough to collab with brands early on because my blog shows my seriousness and dedication to my craft. 


  • What are your interest?   Figure out what your passion is.  Do you like collecting certain things? Travel around a lot?  Like to try different foods?  You can literally blog about whatever you want!  Since I'm a Queen of all trades, I like to fall under the 'Lifestyle Category.'  I like fashion, beauty, hair, technology, food, travel.... so I won't be confined to one niche.  


  • Create a domain & web hosting.  This part may be a little hard, as it is the most important step.  Figure out a name for your blog/brand.  It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to call my blog/brand.  I knew I wanted to incorporate my name, but not my full name.  So I choose to mash my niche and my last name together, Lifestyle Jones.  Simple, easy to remember, and easy to brand.  Once you have your name, you can use it to create your domain.  The domain you choose will be your website address (  I created my domain & website using Squarespace, or you can use another popular one called Wordpress.  Using a webhost just means that you own the site.   If you don't want to commit (and pay) for a domain and a web hosting site, there are free platforms such as "Blogger," but your website address will be  IF you take this seriously, invest in the domain & web hosting.  It will show companies/brands that you take your blog serious and you're professional.  


  • Start blogging.  Now that you have figured out what type of blog that you have, and created a website, start writing!  Write about 4-5 articles before promoting your blog.  When I first started, I blogged about current beauty/makeup products I was using.  Promote your blog on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  Tag any companies/brands that you write about- Hashtags are a blogger's friend!  It's okay if you don't own an expensive camera, use your iPhone/android- I use my iPhone 7 for photographs and videos. 


This concludes part one of the #BloggerSeries.  Next, I'll be talking about how to promote your new blog.  I will also touch on how to attract an audience to your blog through social media.

Comment below if you have any questions or shoot me an email!