Blogger Series: Promote Your Blog

promote. promote. promote.

In the last series, we have learned how to actually start your blog website.  Now here is where the fun starts.....promote yourself!!  Tell your friends, tell your family- at first I didn't (When I started to get free products sent to the house, my mom eventually asked how was I getting it.).  I didn't tell anyone because I was nervous about putting myself out there- opening myself up to scrutiny, judgements, etc.... you get the picture.  Ohhh but now, I am quick to mention my blog!  

Use your Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat to share your blog.  I try not to over-promote because no one wants product reviews or sponsored post shoved in their face.  Instead, I try to tell a story and incorporating whatever product or service that I am using at the moment.  Appeal to your audience.  Another way to gain attraction is through pictures- but that's a whole separate post (don't worry, I'll discuss the use of #hashtags and algorithms in the next blogger series).

Joining Facebook groups is another good way to promote your blog.  Be sure to check the groups guidelines, as some groups do not allow self promotion- only tips and advice.  So find groups that allow you to share the link to your blog every now and then.

Comment on other blogs.  Ever search for something on Google and end up reading someone's blog post on the topic?  I always do.  And I always make sure to leave a comment and engage with other commenters.  


If you have any particular questions or conerns, feel free to email or drop a line below.