Casual & Comfortable

Image of me. Jumpsuit by She In

Create your own style.....let it be unique for yourself, yet identifiable to others.
— Anna Wintour

jumpsuits & rompers

#Quick Post:  One of my favorite things to wear when the weather is nice, is a jumpsuit.  I do know many women who are not fond of jumpsuits, but I believe it compliments by body type.  I also like to wear them when I go shopping; it is easy to get in and out of while trying on clothes.  This is also a great lounging-around-the-house outfit.

Image of me.  Set from Old Navy

 matching sets

Matching sets are cool when done right. They can easily look tacky.  For me to be able to pull this off, I go for dark colors instead of light.  Very subtle jewelry, and easy on the makeup.  I matched this set with black booties that I bought from Forever 21 & silver accessories.