Skin & Shower Myths | #Debunked

Let's talk :)

Recently, I've been very into skincare.  Finding the right products for my body and face is important- but so is practicing the right technique.  So let's jump right in!


Hot or Cold?

Everyone loves a hot steamy shower- but they are bad for our skin! Hot showers can dry out our skin and hair.  There a a few pros when it comes to hot showers; they ease muscle stiffness, help with sinuses or decongestion, relieve stress, and release oxytocin (reduces anxiety).  

Cold showers are great for the skin, and less drying for the hair.  There are also studies that show cold showers can be good for depression (hydrotherapy); the shock of the cold water sends a jolt to the nervous system, and helps to boost your mood. 

Start your shower off with warm (not scolding hot!) water, cleanse your body/hair.  Then end your shower with cold water.  The cold water will close your pores- helping moisture stay in, and it will close your hair cuticles- giving you shiny moisturized hair.  



I can not tell you how many times I see people scrubbing their face while washing it SUPER HARD.  Let's tone it down.  The purpose of exfoliating is to remove dead skin cells; rubbing gently in circular motions is enough to remove them.  If you're using a cleanser that has 'beads' or some type of exfoliating agent, try not to use it every day.  Using a exfoliating cleanser (and body wash) everyday can scratch your skin, leave marks, and cause breakouts.  

Using a brush or exfoliating gloves while showering should be done about 1-2 times a week.  


Moisture After Shower

Don't wait too long to apply a body butter or moisturizer after you shower.  Some lotions, like Shea Moisture, can be applied to damp skin.  I tried putting on lotion after stepping out the shower, and it felt AMAZING.  Just pat dry your body-leaving it damp, and apply your favorite body butter or lotion.


Wash Your Face Every Morning

Hmmm.....not necessarily true.  If you have a good face routine at night (cleansers, masks, moisturizers, serums), then there's no need to redo the routine in the morning- unless you want to throw away more product.  If showering in the morning, pat your face with water and call it a day.  I use a serum + heavy night cream,, so i have no problems waking up dry skin.  


Comment down below if you follow myths or stick to your own skincare routine!