All About My Blonde Curls

How to quickly switch up your look!

Did i color my hair? Is it mine? 

Well, technically it is mine. I bought it.

One of my favorite natural hair bloggers, Korryn J, uploaded a video on YouTube wearing a blonde puff (Puff: Naurally curly hair that is gathered atop of ones head).  When I watched the video, I learned that the puff was not hers! She had purchased it.  I LOVEDDDDD it. So naturally, I had to try it.  

I ordered my puff from Amazon, in the color  T21/27- blonde.  In the video, Korryn touched up the puff by intensifying the roots using a root touch-up spray.  

My puff came in the mail and I was excited to try it out! I was nervous that the tone of the blonde wouldn't go well with my skin tone (I'm used to more golden blondes than ashy blondes).  I applied some of the root touch-up, in the color black, to the roots of the puff.  Doing this made the puff look more natural.  I got the puff in a size small, but they offer it in medium and large.  Another thing i was worried about was the texture- my hair is kinky curly and the puff is curly- but it blended fine.  In the future, I'll try to find a more kinky texture.