Prepare for #BlackFriday Shopping | 2017

After experience and research, I am sharing tips and advice on shopping for Black Friday deals.

Jumping right in.....

Research. Research. Research.  Look up your favorite store online or check the newspaper ads to see what kind of #BlackFriday deals.  Some stores use the whole month of November to push Black Friday deals.  So if you don't want to get out on the actual day, you can use the other days to shop.  

Are they deals though?  Doorbusters. Some products and electronics that are marked down REALLY low, are not good products.  Laptops that are advertised for $100 or below....may not even last you a month.  The same goes with televisions that are marketed for a low price, won't last for a couple of years.  Make sure you are buying a quality product.

Cash or Card?  Set a budget for shopping during #BlackFriday.  I personally like to use cash, because it visually lets me see how much I'm spending & to stay within that budget.  If I'm using a card, I'm more carefree when swiping (because I don't visually see the money withdrawing).  Cash is also a safe way to purchase items during #BlackFriday- you don't have to worry about credit/debit card fraud. 

Bringing the kids? Be prepared.  Due to the overcrowding in the stores, the lines will be long and all of the checkout lanes may not be open (like Walmart). Bring snacks, ipods with headphones, sugar-free candy for bribing, and water for the wait.  You're asking a lot when you bring your small children with you, so be patient.  

Return Policy.  Some sale and clearance items are FINAL- meaning you can't return them.  Be sure to ask about the return policy for the #BlackFriday deals.


Not too big on crowded stores? Stay tuned for the Cyber Monday post!