Beauty Picks for August | Leigh

Starting this month, I will be sharing some of my favorite things with you all.  I’m a product junkie & can’t help but to try and buy new things.  On today, I am sharing my favorites from August that I use daily and can not live without!  This is not an in-depth review of products, just telling you my current obsessions.  Let’s get started….


1.  I’m always watching “Get Ready With Me” videos on YouTube.  All of the beauty gurus have GLOWING skin.  “How is their skin glowing like that??” I ask myself.  They seemed to always use a serum or a face oil- something I did not have.  So, I went to TJ MAXX, and found this hydrating face oil by Measurable Differences.  I got the lavender scent, and paid $5.99 for it.  I love it sooooo much that I had to tell mom about it.  We got three more bottles 😊!

2.  No one likes dry lips.  I must keep some sort of lip balm, lip chap, lip moisturizer on me always.  I found this round container of Vaseline at Walgreens for $2.  It is the “Pink Bubbly” edition, but they have the original Vaseline as well.


3.   You are never too young to start using eye cream & all of the other anti-aging stuff.  I would sneak in Mom’s room and use her eye cream (hey Mom!) from time to time.  Of course, her eye cream is lavish and I couldn’t afford it.  While I was in TJ MAXX, I stumbled upon Shea Moisture’s Radiant Eye Cream for $6.99! More in my price range.  It is infused with Dragon’s blood and coffee cherry.  I apply it morning and night. I’m glad that it comes in a squeeze tube for effortless application.


4.  I received a few products from Virtue to test out.  Since I have twists in my hair, I haven’t had a chance to use the products on my natural hair alone.  But I have been using the Polish Un-frizz cream to keep my twists looking neat and frizz free.  Loving it so far! I will be doing a separate review for the other products in this line.


5.   I’m loving these Papermate pens!  They were marked down to 99 cents (and later 49 cents) at Walgreens.  They are gel pens and they write incredibly smooth – and fast drying too.  I keep one in my purse, at my desk, and in my car.


6.   I use the Microsoft Surface laptop for everything.  My classes, this blog post, editing videos and pictures, online purchases, etc.  I opted for Microsoft (instead of Apple) because of my computer programming and coding classes are Microsoft-friendly.  This laptop is detachable, touchscreen, has facial recognition, and Cortona (like Siri).  Soon, I will be getting a Macbook because I’m a tech person as well.  This laptop retails for about $1,899.

7.   “If you fail to prepare, you are preparing to fail” is a quote I have started living by.  I’m learning to plan and write out things I need to do.  While I’m taking online classes, it is crucial to make sure all my assignments are done on time.  I usually would read my syllabus and mentally remember deadlines (I know, that’s not good).  But now, I print my syllabus out, and make sticky notes of when assignments are due, and put them on my calendar for a VISUAL reminder.  I picked up these calendar sheets from Walgreens for about $13.  The pack comes with 24 sheets; you’ll be prepared for 2 years.