Mentally Clock Out | After Work

Ways to De-stress After Work

"Ugh I can't wait to get home"

"So ready to get out of these work clothes!"

"I'm going straight to bed when I get home."


Pretty sure you all have said one of these things while at work.

I know I have.  I would usually go straight home, eat, go to bed.  I hardly had a work-life balance.  I would stay home almost every weekend to recharge (I'm an #introvert, so i need alone time to recharge, especially if I have been talking all day at work/home).  Finding ways to distress after work can enhance productivity- even for the following work day.  

Here are some ideas:


1.  Exercise

Go for a walk/run, go to the gym, or roll out your yoga mat.  Being physically active is a proven stress reliever.  I'd also like to add that going for a brisk walk on your break/lunch, will help with being productive.

2.  Cook A Meal

If you enjoy cooking like I do, you will find cooking satisfying.  Find a new recipe to try.  Put on an apron. Channel your creativity.

3.  Spend Time With a Significant Other

The presence of your significant other should provide you with peace & solace.  After a long work day, spending time with them shall ease your mind.  Cook together, go out together, have movie night, anything!  Even spending time with close friends and family can ease the stress.

4.  Music

Music heals the soul.  So put on some relaxing music -or trap/hiphop music- and go about your evening.  Play it while you cook, clean, pick out your outfit for the next day and enjoy.  I usually already have a playlist of my current favorite songs in my phone.

5.  Get Away From Social Media

That's right.  Now this one is rather hard for me, as I like to find inspiration on while scrolling through Instagram.  Try leaving your phone in your room while you cook- or put your phone on 'Do Not Disturb' and catch up on some reading.  Watch a movie.  We are so used to having our phone with us AT ALL TIMES.  Challenge yourself to enjoy time without it. 

6.  Find A Hobby

Find something to do.  Whether it's collecting stamps, painting, blogging (Mine!), book club, pottery class.....endless options.  Give your energy to things you enjoy.

7.  Don't Bring Work Home With You

Leave your work issues at work! It's okay to have conversations about it, but don't project your negative feelings onto your significant other, friends, children, or family. Your work stress should not become home stress. If you work from home, have a office space or work area- don't take work papers/things into the bedroom/dining room.