Image taken by me.

Image of me at the #Marta train station.

Atlanta & public transportation

If you read the 'About Me' section, then you know I'm a small town girl. A small town girl that has never taken public transportation (bus, trains, taxi)....and I'm not sure if school buses count.  In a large metropolitan area like Atlanta (5 million people), public transportation is kind of a no-brainer.  So, I went and parked at the Marta station, and took a train to Atlantic Station (a very nice shopping outlet).  I also vistited the Ponce City Market...but sadly, no pictures.  I'm traveling to Atlanta in about a month, so I will definitely remember to take more pictures.

Image taken by me.

Image taken by me. iPhone cover from Slickwraps. Clip on lens from Amazon.

Clip it on!

Let's face it...cameras can get super expensive. Especially if you're on a budget. Like me.  Thankfully smartphones have an amazing camera; so amazing that they probably could compete with a DSLR camera/lens.  The pictures taken by me on this blog are shot with an iPhone 7. All you need is good natural lighting and a image editing app.  But one thing that helps with the quality of these images is the clip on lens I use. The brand is called Techo; the kit comes with a wide angle lens & a macro lens.  Simply clip the lens on your phone before taking a picture, and viola!  Plus it's more easy to carry around than a heavy DSLR camera.